In Quarantine? Business Closed or Suffering? Want 9 things you can do right now the grow your small business?

  1. Answer your PHONES! I know this is obvious, wait, hear me out. Ever heard of CALLJOY.COM? CLICK TO CHECK IT OUT! It integrates into your google my business and booking system, and its a complete virtual assistant. Not all of us can afford a secretary, right? If you are in a service with a client, you can set it to text you, or let a customer know when you will be out, and even send callers directly to your booking calendar. 
  2. FREE PR- First, sign up for HARO (free) and RadioGuestList (Free) and start submitting pitches. Also, start pitching to your local TV stations as well, just find their submission form on their website!
  3. FREE SEO- Pretty much 100% of the websites we look at are not optimized properly. Find out what you need to fix for free, by utilizing this tool my friend Neil Patel created, Click Here.
  4. Free E-Commerce Setup Help: Get FREE lessons on how to set up a shopify store in one day, click here for info.
These first 4 tips are just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG! Want 5 more tips? SIGN UP BELOW!

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