Over the past 10 Years We Have Sold Over $25 Million Dollars in Products and Services, and We Want To Teach You How!

Are you a small business owner? Do you want to be?  Do you work in the beauty industry? Or any type of business that needs more phone calls, appointments, or foot traffic? If so this page was made specifically for you.

We are so glad you’re here! Let us introduce ourselves!

It is SO GREAT to meet you!!!

We are Jared and Alana Mitchell. Alana is a licensed medical Esthetician and Jared is a digital marketing guru. We also own SkincarebyAlana.com, one of the largest independent retailers of high end, natural, and organic spa quality skincare products in the USA. Additionally, we own Alana Mitchell Skincare “Skincare with Heart”. Our own spa quality skincare line.

 Introducing our family! Our sons Malachi is 8 and Eli is 2 going on 15. We  have a passion for the special needs community, as our son Malachi is on the autism spectrum and Alana's older sister Sonjie is hearing impaired. Which has led Alana to also be fluent in sign language.


Every step of the way you we will show you how to get your business off the ground and how to get more traffic through the door, for FREE! Allow us to show you the quickest and most efficient way to get more customers.


Does this sound like you?

  • I feel like I am selling less and less retail these days and don’t know what to do about it
  • I feel like I’m trying to promote my business, but I’m not seeing more clients come in
  • Am I going to make it?
    Why didn’t that client come back?
  • I feel like my competitors are better at websites and the internet and and I losing business because of this
  • Will I be able to get my business to a point of success where I can work less and earn more?
  • I feel so behind and I can not get it all done! Social media, ordering, laundry...

Time For A CHANGE?

Just because we were stressed and didn’t have much guidance doesn’t mean you can't have direction right now! We are going to teach you how to avoid costly mistakes and to make the right decisions immediately.

Imagine how you would feel if you could work less, have your appointments scheduled for you, sell more retail, follow up with clients without lifting a finger, and watch your income flourish.

This is why we've developed our training course. We’ve learned a lot over the years from both Alana's day spa, our retail business, and how to sell online...We want to share it ALL with you! You may be asking yourself WHY? WHY do you want to share this with me?

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She moved to Texas after establishing a successful day spa business in southern California and needed clients.

Within the first year of helping her, she is now able to run her own day spa and have her own employees.  Her adventure, helped us realize that we can really help all service based professionals with their businesses.


Over the Course Of 4 Modules You Will:

  • Learn the EXACT steps you need to take to fill up your clientele.
  • Learn how to get free leads from Google, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Learn how to get more clients from your website without wasting time or money
  • Get back to doing what you are passionate about - being a beauty professional
  • WORK LESS (while earning more money!)

YOU DON'T Have to Feel Overwhelmed!

...by technology or wonder why your retail isn’t selling. I will lead you every step of the way!

-Module 1: Getting in the right mindset, and setting goals
-Module 2: All About Google and Why You should focus on Google first
-Module 3: Setting Up Google My Business and Reviews
-Module 4: How to prioritize your time and set your goals.
-FREE TRAINING SECTION: Bonus: 5 Bonus Hacks that will help you rank high right away

A Taste Of What You Will Learn...

1. Google has an 85.8% market share on search (94.5% on mobile!), 46% of all Google searches are local

2. Did you know 52% of google my business accounts go completely unclaimed, and 85% that are claimed are not even set up properly?

Most beauty professionals are spending money on ads with facebook, yelp, or google, and unable to track their success. Wouldn't you rather learn how to get leads for free, instead of wasting your money?


Free Video Course

5 FREE Digital Marketing Tactics You Can Do Right Now To Start Getting More Clients Right Away!

From Over 15 Years Digital Marketing Experience In Beauty

Check out this FREE live video course, and get to know Jared and Alana a little more! In this video we will teach you:

  1. Why Google My Business is the most Underutilized FREE marketing tool for any beauty business!
  2. FOUR MORE crazy free hacks, a couple work almost instantaneously!
  3. Two private special offers for you if you complete the webinar!


We Can Help You Make More Money from Your Retail and Services!

Feel a little out of the loop technologically? Catch up and get ahead on things like Google and Social Media. It’s easier than you think.

We have checked out all of the online courses currently available to our industry. It makes us cringe because much of the content is just fluff, and taught by people who have never actually owned a spa, brand, or retail store! This is why we decided to make our own course.

Have you embraced change? Are you open to trying new things? Then this course is for you! 

We are tired of seeing beauty professionals lose sales and customers to big businesses. Join us! We can teach you about boosting your clientele, private labeling products, selling online, building a website, and more!

Our goal is to help 100 Beauty Professionals double their yearly revenue. If you were making 2x the money you are right now, what would that mean for your future?

With 2+ hours of content, including never-before shared TOP secrets in the industry, We've had people telling us this course is easily worth at least $1000.00!

Our objective is not to profit much from the course, but rather, to charge a fair price for beauty professionals.

We just genuinely want to empower fellow industry colleagues to not only catch up but succeed. We're offering you a discounted rate, buy the course now for $297.00

Our goal is to give you HOPE and help you become a confident, successful professional in this incredibly competitive industry.


"Jared and Alana have been instrumental in the online presence, growth and sales with Image Skincare and Hush & Hush. They have been wonderful partners and always bring innovative concepts and ideas with a unique digital marketing spin"

Janna Ronert
Image Skincare

"Jared and Alana are incredibly hard workers and I am continually impressed with his unique approach to e-commerce sales funnels. I have seen him take clients from zero to hero consistently from vertical to vertical. Best of all, he is a nice guy, and fun to work with"

Neil Patel

"With regards to digital marketing, Jared and Alana are my go to guy for questions, resources, and for when I need someone to fix up shop and get sales going in the right direction. His integrity and character are second to none"

Greg Hawkins

"Jared is the ultimate digital marketing secret weapon. It's rare to find someone with his depth of skill across literally every area of turning pixels to profit, and even rarer still is he's a boatload of fun to work with...even more impressive is his focus on ROI and business impact rather than theoretical best practices or the trend du jour. If you want results, and Jared is available (which is rare), get him"

Jonathan Cronstedt

5 Things Beauty Pros Can Do Online To Make More Money Right Now! Get Our FREE EBOOK!

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