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Want Jared and Alana to Speak about E-Commerce or More at Your Next Event?

It's kind of rare to see a married couple speak together, on the same topic! We love it! Click Here To See Jared and Alana In Action! Over the last 10 years, Jared and Alana transformed their small 70 square foot business into multiple 7 figure businesses, responsible for over 25 million dollars in physical product sales. Here are some of the events we have spoken at in the past:

  • PODCAST - Spa Marketing Made Easy - The journey to 7 figures, click here to listen!
  • ISSE Long Beach January 2020 - How Amazon Has Disrupted the Skincare Industry
  • ISSE Long Beach January 2020 - How To Use The Internet To Fill Up Your Clientele
  • ISSE Long Beach January 2020 - How We Created an 8 Figure Business from a 70 sqft Spa Room
  • LIVELOVESPA Beverly Hills September 2019- 5 Ways to get more clients right now
  • Blue Ribbon Mastermind Nashville, TN by Ezra Firestone: Content Marketing and eCommerce
  • Face and Body San Jose, CA - How to use the internet to grow your day spa business
  • IRCE Chicago, IL - eCommerce Advertising and Google
  •  Click Here To See Jared and Alana In Action! 

We are passionate about topics such as starting your small business, digital marketing, thought leadership, and overall business growth. If you are interested in having Jared and Alana speak at your next event, trade show, or meetup, just contact us or use the form on this page!

Click Here to learn more about Jared and Alana's Ecommerce Programs!

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