Free Expert Ecommerce Website Audit

Wondering what exactly an ecommerce website audit looks like and what it will do for you? Allow us to introduce you to one of the most vital components of growing any brand online. 

An ecommerce audit puts your website in the hot seat, so to speak, with a professional who will be able to tell you exactly where your weak points are and how to improve to increase traction as well as sales. 

The outcome of this means you can power on with a brand that’s cohesive, conversion-worthy, and streamlined. 

There are several things covered in a free ecommerce website audit, let’s go through some of them together. 

Page Load Times

Thought this didn’t matter much? Think again. Page load times make or break the bounce rate on your website. If someone comes to a homepage or landing page, and is greeted with fragmented images, or worse, blank content, they likely won’t wait around. The result is less interaction and lower chance at revenue for your site.


What Our Students Have to Say!

"I LOVE your content. You've been very attentive to the group and I wouldn't change a thing. I love how direct you are with step-by-steps, and mixing up learning styles. You are a true teacher. In an industry that is saturated with females, injecting some testosterone in the mix is refreshing, but especially YOU. I love how REAL you are. Oh, by the way, the way you speak, straight forward is what I love and speaks to me. I'm not the typical chatty, drama queen, me me me...a straight shooter. I love that about you. Very refreshing. Teach, Teach, Teach Jared. It's your gift."  -Joy Stiers: Pure Joy Skincare

User Experience 

A professional will be able to tell right away if your website offers a seamless user experience. Some ways of doing that is by asking themselves questions like…

  • Are visitors able to search effectively with ease?
  • Is the navigation bar well-defined with points of interest clear and present? 
  • Do all the images on the homepage lead to a destination?
  • Are CTA’s enticing enough? 

In finding out the answers to these questions, they’ll be able to suggest improvements.


"Jared and Alana are incredibly hard workers and I am continually impressed with his unique approach to e-commerce sales funnels. I have seen him take clients from zero to hero consistently from vertical to vertical. Best of all, he is a nice guy, and fun to work with"

Neil Patel
Ecommerce Mobile Friendliness 

In this day and age, it’s no surprise that mobile friendliness is key to succeeding online. Most people are browsing from their smartphones, so it’s advantageous and smart to keep your website framed for mobile and easy-to-navigate. 

Ecommerce Organic SEO Review
There are many things a website needs to help build its SEO presence, some of which you may not be familiar with yourself, but a pro can point out. Here are some items that will be looked at: 
  • Are all page URLs effective and clear? 
  • Do all pages utilize metadata and keywords for search engines to easily understand and show the content to an audience? 
  • Are images titled appropriately? 

There are many other facets, but to give you a glimpse, these are a few. 

Content Review 

The last piece of the audit is reviewing your content strategy. This means a professional will look into how you integrate social media on your site to expand your reach, and if you have a blog presence to help boost SEO. Additionally, they will assess if your copy is consistent and if your messaging promotes action for your end user. 

As you can see, ecommerce audits go through literally all the things you need to make a killer website. Interested in having one done for your site? Let’s talk and make it happen!


"An Expert in Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Strategy, Jared Mitchell is the Founder of Beefysites, a company that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their e-commerce businesses."

-Entrepreneur Magazine

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"With regards to digital marketing, Jared and Alana are my go to guy for questions, resources, and for when I need someone to fix up shop and get sales going in the right direction. His integrity and character are second to none"

Greg Hawkins

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