In Quarantine? Business closed or suffering? Do you sell products online and want to get better at it? Or do you want to set up a NEW STORE?

As the Senior E-commerce Strategies for Neil Patel, I had the pleasure of auditing thousands of websites (it sounds nerdy but I really enjoy it) and consulting hundreds of e-commerce brands and retail stores both for Neil and my own consulting business.

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Here are the top 10 e-comm mistakes I often find, and how to fix each. 


1. Pre Purchase and Post Purchase Upsells and Bumps

Most people just plain don't even know this technology exists. For an example of how this works, click here check out the video over on zipify pages.

Check out Zipify Pages, Carthook, and Woocurve for a great example of a post purchase one click upsell.

Check out skincarebyalana.com and see our Pre-Purchase Order Bump Page after you add a product to cart.

By installing these things and setting them up properly, you will increase your revenue by 10% right away (or more). I have seen it a hundred times.

NINJA TIP: Not sure why no one does this, but try an offer on your post purchase order confirmation page.

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"Jared and Alana are incredibly hard workers and I am continually impressed with his unique approach to e-commerce sales funnels. I have seen him take clients from zero to hero consistently from vertical to vertical. Best of all, he is a nice guy, and fun to work with"

Neil Patel

2. Site Speed vs Mobile... Your pages are TOO SLOW

Click here to check out this free tool that google offers to check the speed of each of your most popular pages.

Click here to use this free tool to make sure that google finds your page mobile compatible.

First, identify your top pages. They are usually home, cart, checkout, and perhaps a most popular product or landing page.

Check your top pages with the tools above, and notice that you most likely need to improve. If so, let me save you some time. Here is how to fix them (in general). 

... Install heatmapping software like Crazyegg on those pages.

... Eliminate any images that people are never even seeing because they don't scroll. Make sure other images are small in file size and compressed if you want to keep them. Usually pages are like 2x the length they actually need to be.

... Contact your host, make sure your site is optimized as much as possible. Always be willing to pay more per month to gain more site speed, or even move hosts if you have to!


3. Sorry, Your Checkout Probably Kind of Stinks

Actually, I love shopify because their checkout is awesome, but not all of us are on shopify. Even those who are might not be taking proper precautions to recover cart abandoners.

First of all, make sure you have an abandoned cart exit popup to help recover some bouncers. Also, make sure your abandoned cart email campaign is set up, and sending at least 3-5 emails over the course of a week or so. The first one should send right away.

Need ideas for this? Do a google search or sign up on some bigtime websites and abandon their cart! Take notes!

If you are not on Shopify, check out companies like BOLT. They can fix this problem for you! If you want to try to fix it up yourself, you will need a developer. Feel free to take a gander at our checkout on skincarebyalana.com.

Here is what the Former CEO of Buy.com has to say about me! Keep reading, more tips below!

"With regards to digital marketing, Jared and Alana are my go to guy for questions, resources, and for when I need someone to fix up shop and get sales going in the right direction. His integrity and character are second to none"

Greg Hawkins

4. Push Notifications or even Manychat with Messenger Widget

Want another super easy quick win? Add push notifications to your website, and start broadcasting once a week. It works just like email and always has a super duper great ROI.

Neil makes a great one called subscribers.com.

Ok, now we go for the jugular. Sign up for manychat.com, connect with your BIZ Facebook account, and install facebook messenger widget as the live chat widget on your website.

Every time someone messages your customer service team through your facebook live chat widget for help, it builds your Manychat list. Which again, is $$$$ in your pocket.

With Manychat, you can set up drip campaigns and broadcasts just like your normal ESP. It's awesome!


5. REV UP Your Site Search On Your Website

Users that engage with your site search are 75% more likely to purchase. Let's make sure users have the option to use site search on every page!

You most likely have the option, so lets talk about it. You should run a report once a month that should tell you the following.

... Incomplete searches. What people are searching for and unable to find. If you fix these, you will make more money right away!

... Lowest converting searches. Again, find what's wrong and fix them!

... Your no results found page. Pimp this page out like there is no tomorrow. Sell ell sell. Add dynamic product recommendations to it as well!

NINJA TIP: Add dynamic product recommendations to the bottom of all of your search results windows, it fixes so many problems!

Also, google analytics can "Enable Site Search Tracking" and it can help you run these reports in case your e-commerce platform analytics are being cranky.

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