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When it comes to building a brand online, there’s no substitution for getting guidance from people who have already been where you are. After all, you don’t go to school to learn from another student, right? Same holds true in the ecom space. If you seek to be the best, learn from the best. Or, at least that’s our motto. 

If you’ve been perusing your options and wondering what the benefits of e-commerce coaching are, allow us to go over them at a glance below and provide why shopify, in particular, is the best platform to be coached on. 

Benefits of E-commerce Coaching 

There is a boat load of benefits to getting yourself into an ecommerce coaching program. No, we’re not just saying this either, past results show it.  

Here a few top benefits: 

  • You get a professional with years of experience looking at your business objectively. They can see the shortcomings and the wins, providing you unbiased suggestions to solve and improve. 
  • You save yourself months (or years!) of the entrepreneurial success/mistake loop. Put in the work now, get the reward forever. 
  • Not only do you get expertise, you get strategies and step-by-step processes tailored to your brand to streamline your business. 
  • Usually not uber expensive, there are single payment investments and monthly investments, so you choose what fits your budget.
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What Our Students Have to Say!

"I LOVE your content. You've been very attentive to the group and I wouldn't change a thing. I love how direct you are with step-by-steps, and mixing up learning styles. You are a true teacher. In an industry that is saturated with females, injecting some testosterone in the mix is refreshing, but especially YOU. I love how REAL you are. Oh, by the way, the way you speak, straight forward is what I love and speaks to me. I'm not the typical chatty, drama queen, me me me...a straight shooter. I love that about you. Very refreshing. Teach, Teach, Teach Jared. It's your gift."  -Joy Stiers: Pure Joy Skincare

Why Shopify Is Our Favorite Ecom Platform + Our Shopify Coaching Programs

Shopify is hands-down a top ecom platform, simply because most of the work in designing/setting up inventory is done for you. It offers an extremely user-friendly interface that allows you to create a website in less than a day and with some SEO knowledge, get awareness organically. 

Our Shopify Coaching Program is your best bet at success.  

We created our “How To Build A Shopify Shop” course to ease you into setting up your shop without going down a YouTube rabbit hole or watching unhelpful tutorials. In just 1 hour, you’ll be confident and ready to set up shop in no time. 

We didn’t stop here though. We took things a step further, and developed our “$97 E-Com Help Club” to give you ongoing support in learning how to effectively sell products, get brand awareness via PR efforts, and use Google My Business for top tier results. This way, you get the free knowledge then hands-on help to really boost your brand online.


"Jared and Alana are incredibly hard workers and I am continually impressed with his unique approach to e-commerce sales funnels. I have seen him take clients from zero to hero consistently from vertical to vertical. Best of all, he is a nice guy, and fun to work with"

Neil Patel

The Cost of Coach Ecommerce Coaching Programs (USD)

An ecommerce business coach, with valid experience and credentials, can vary. Luckily, we can save you the time and stress of searching and let you know that our program options are intended to be affordable. We seek to show you ways to be successful without hitting your bank. Our programs start at a one-time fee of $297, and max out with a long-term, one-on-one option that’s $997 a month

Interested in learning more and getting yourself on track for some serious success today? Go read the deets on our programs and reach out if you have any questions!

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"An Expert in Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Strategy, Jared Mitchell is the Founder of Beefysites, a company that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their e-commerce businesses."

-Entrepreneur Magazine

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"With regards to digital marketing, Jared and Alana are my go to guy for questions, resources, and for when I need someone to fix up shop and get sales going in the right direction. His integrity and character are second to none"

Greg Hawkins

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