Walmart Makes Giant E-Commerce Gains Amid Pandemic, Can The Little Guy Even Compete?

ecommerce Oct 27, 2020

It comes with little surprise that as the pandemic grows, the demand for safe, one-stop online shopping options grows as well.

The numbers reported by big-box retailers reflect this logic. Target reported the strongest quarterly sales growth in its history.

Walmart touted unprecedented earnings in Q2 which led to a 97% revenue boost from just last year.

Amazon, the behemoth that it is, banked a net income of 5.2 billion in Q2. And Shopify, the namesake in e-commerce, noted $714 million in Q2. 

This all shows one thing: If you want to scale your business online, now is the time to do it -- and yes, it is possible to do it even if you are a small business.

While You Were Sleeping, Walmart Announced a Partnership with Shopify, and Shopify Announces A New App To Compete With Amazon.

Now, if you’ve been caught up with the news around Amazon’s growth, allow me to steer you in another direction: Shopify. 

The Shopify e-commerce hosting platform is growing rapidly....

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Shopify Is Now Competing With Amazon! Who are Amazon's Biggest Competitors? Who Else has a Chance at taking some of Amazon's marketshare?


Shopify have launched a new app called ‘Shop’ – and with it potentially an entire new business – that they intend to compete directly with Amazon.

From early signs, the company appears to believe this new business could be bigger than ‘Shopify’ itself, and may be the next stage in a total rebrand of the company from ‘Shopify’ to simply ‘Shop’.

The app that allows you to buy directly from any brand through the app that signs up that has a shopify store.

That is over 500,000 stores. Currently amazon has over 2.5 million sellers. Off to a good start!

Shopify’s ‘Chief Product Officer’ Craig Miller calling it ‘one of Shopify’s most significant products ever

Shopify will no doubt be hoping the app takes space on users’ home screens, taking some of the attention they use currently to shop at Amazon, Ebay, alibaba, etc.

Currently Amazon's biggest competitors are Alibaba, Google, Walmart, JD,...

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