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Organic SEO and Linkbuilding for Ecommerce continued

The first links I would go after if I were you - talk to your brands that you are reselling, and make sure you are found on their retailer locator, and they have a link to your store. Google will count this as a citation, and it will be a great backlink for you.

Lastly, I would start making videos right away and post them on social media and youtube as well. Live videos are also great too! You can use that same tool called buzzsumo to check out some trending topics to talk about.

For video or SEO content for social media, use a free tool called answer the public to find questions people are asking about your products and services, and answer them!

I will give you a hint, if you are trying to sell products, Long tail keywords tend to convert the highest.
For example, if you are selling dermalogica, its better for you to try to create content, pages, and links around a term such as dermalogica gel cleanser as opposed to just dermalogica.

Site appearance and architecture

Google is still sending the most organic traffic to websites these days. The other search engines such as bing copy them, so if you please google, you pretty much please the entire web.

How do you please google? Provide an awesome UX or user experience. Meaning, people that visit your website stay a long time, share it, and come back for more. Here is how we have done this for years-

The perfect Ecommerce structure

First of all, make sure your users can easily navigate your site. Here is pretty much the ideas Ecommerce structure for a website

Subcategories (if needed)
Product Detail Page
Confirmation page

One you have the site created, make sure you create a sitemap, and submit it to google search console.  This means google will be able to easily crawl and read your website.

Site Speed - Make sure your site loads lightening fast on both mobile and desktop. Usually people use images that are too large, or a bad website host, and their site loads slow. Google LOVES sites that load fast.

Use googles free site speed tool to check both mobile and desktop load speeds, this should be a part of setting up each page for SEO.

Mobile First - Pretty much everyone is hitting a website these days mobile first. You can use google's free mobile checker tool to check out each page as you enhance them for SEO.

The Perfect Ecommerce Product detail page:

Title Tag
Meta Description
Loads Fast
Mobile first
Clear Price
3d images
Social Proof, Star Ratings
300+ words of original content
Ingredient list
Answer FAQs
Easy Navigation
List your Phone Number
Free Shipping All orders
Huge Purchase Button
Rich Text Markups
Alt Text and image names

Content marketing and blogging

Like to write? I am going to give you a freebie! Here is our publication guides for both articles on our website, and for when we are invited to post an article on another website.

Make sure your blog is ON your main domain name, don't start a new one. For example, ours is skincarebyalana.com/blog... and I did not start a new website for our blog. I kept them together, and you should too!

Basically, You want to research a topic that is trending, and that you think will bring people to your store, that will purchase the products that you sell.

Then you want to write an extremely helpful article, that is easy to read that answers those questions. A cool free way to find out trending article topics - google trends (googles free trend reporting tool) and also buzzsumo again.

I'll give you a hint, its ALL about the catchiness of the title. Getting people to click is most of the battle.

Remember to shock, awe, be funny, or to invoke curiosity. Want to see masters of the craft? Download the CNN and Fox News apps on your phone, and check out their creative headlines!

Use answer the public to see which questions are being asked about this topic, make sure you answer them! Check out our blog here to see some examples of this in action: skincarebyalana.com/blog

Once an article is written, promote it! Email it to your email list, post it on your social media, etc. Google will love seeing this new content on your website. You can also boost the article on facebook, but I don't recommend this at first. 

Write at least 1 article per month, and if you can, 1 per week. Stay tuned, in the video marketing section below, I will lay out a great way you can produce a ton of good video and written content and kill several birds with the same stone. 

PR - Public Relations - Lets Build Your Ladder

So many people ask us how we got Alana on Yahoo Finance, Buzzfeed, KTLA, CBS, Hallmark Channel and more!
For us, it was all about building our ladder. Most of the process of building your ladder is free! Once you get to a certain point, you will of course want to hire a PR firm, but here is how to get started for free on your own!

Building your ladder just basically means starting small, with local PR hits, and smaller publications, websites, and even video. Once you have a base, you will use that to start building more rungs on your ladder, and climbing higher, to larger PR hits!

Here is how I would start:
  • local newspapers
  • local magazines
  • local chamber of commerce - this usually gets you a really good backlink, and will help you look legit to local newspapers and magazines if they research you.
  • google "biggest/top blogs in (your city/county) and write down a list of the top 10 blogs
  • Do the same thing for influencers in your area on instagram and facebook and even youtube
You will need a good pitch. Here is one we have used in the past, so you can see how simple it is.
We have and continue to have good success at working with ALL of the above people for free. Of course the newspapers and magazines will ask for money, but most of them will have a free option for local business announcements. 

Also, almost all of the above will result in a good link for your store. For the bloggers and influencers. Since they are local, first follow them on social media, and like their posts for a while, and post comments.
Try to start with influencers that are not so big that they will never notice you or see a message if you reach out to them. Secret tip - Use mightyscout.com to see if an influencers followers are real or fake. Also, don't be creepy with your likes or comments, be cool.

After a while, reach out to them, and ask them if you can give them a free service that you offer because you noticed you think you could help them with it and you are a huge huge fan.
DONT ASK FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN, and give them gifts, and thoughtful follow up. Trust me, they WILL post about you. 

Remember to save ANY hit that you receive above, take pictures, screenshots, etc, and add it to your PR/social proof library, we will use it on your website!

Email marketing and email acquisition

The above techniques will start to generate visitors to your site, and you want to make sure you keep in touch with as many as possible.
Remember how I said that organic seo is like the best and cheapest way to get ecommerce customers online? Well 50% involves email marketing. Email marketing will show google more traffic to your site, which they like.

Each email on your list is LITERALLY $ in your pocket. The first part of it is email acquisition - basically gathering emails.
I really like a company called optinmonster, they make it so easy. Here are the pops I recommend for an ecommerce store and blogs:

-abandoned site exit popup (including blog)
-abandoned cart exit popup

Here is one that has worked very well for us from years of testing and a lot of split testing:

In addition to pop ups, remember to merchandise your site with areas that people can sign up on your email list.. or even lead magnet offers such as free ebooks. Here is a picture of our blog page with all of the areas where we have the opportunity to gather email addresses:

Each popup should be connected to an auto responder email campaign that supports the offer in the popup.
Generally, the popups that work best for us are discounts or free shipping offers, but you can test all sorts of things, such as ebooks or even video guides.

Here are the email marketing campaigns I recommend you set up right away, with at least 3 emails a piece:

-abandoned cart 
-welcome to my website
-abandoned blog
-abandoned site
-post purchase email campaign

Here is our highest converting email from years of split testing, and it is the first email in our welcome series:

Video marketing

I believe video marketing is vital to the future success of any ecommerce company. To get started, make sure you have a recent iphone or equivelant, a good ring light (amazon for around $40), and a room with a lot of natural light that has a cool looking backdrop.
If you own a well branded brick and mortar business, usually this is not too hard to arrange. 

Here is a method of video marketing that we use, that can really save you some time, money, and hassle.
Remember how I taught you how to research a blog article topic? So before you write that article:

  1. create the topic, title, and outline
  2. Borrow another cell phone. 
  3. Create a live video on facebook, instagram, and youtube
  4. At the same time, recording the live video with your extra phone
  5. Edit the recorded video, and post to your blog article (once you write it) facebook, instagram, and youtube
  6. Next, transcript your video, and that will get most of your content written for your blog article
  7. Make sure to link all of the above together
Amazon - You will never beat them, so join them!

Did you know just simply being on Amazon will get you traffic and sales to your website? Ever been on Amazon, and wanted to research if a brand was legit, so you googled them and found their website? We get sales this way all the time!

So here is what I would say about Amazon, I would NOT try to create an amazon account for your brick and mortar retail store, so you can retail brands on Amazon, 
  • social media
  • Conversion Rate optimization
  • Metrics and Analytics
After the above, we got into paid search advertising online
  • how to get more money
  • paid search, start yourself, then outsource quickly
  • social media ads - same
  • amazon paid search
  • affiliate marketing
  • direct mail
  • trade shows
  • paid pr placements
  • influencer marketing

That's it for now - reach out to me if you want me to keep writing!


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