How TO Get Ready For Googles 2021 Page Experience Algorithm Update Explained Simply

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

Transcript - Ahhh, time for another sweet sweet google algorithm update, 

time for all of us website owners to passive aggressively mumble cusswords under our breath!

all the while still try to appear like we know what in the he double hockey sticks google is up to

Good news, this bad boy appears to be simpler than you think!

Don't worry, I am here to help! 
The Who, What, When, Where, Why in under 2 mins
I am going to include some screenshots
and I am going to try to mansplain this to you all like you are 4th graders.
Ok, not really, that's a joke...... but lets do this anyways!

This Newest Google Algorithm Update is called its - "page experience update" Gosh, can't they call these things something cooler from now on?
These names are so boring, makes you miss panda and pengiun right? Ok not really.

Ok, so now for the good stuff

Who - EVERYONE with a website, and Google, ever heard of them, yeah the ones that still control about 92% of search.

What - New measurement from google - page experience measurement
combination core web vitals, performance of website from technical and on page perspective, mobile usability

So basically, lets make sure your website loads quickly and properly, and does not have a bunch of crappy code and viruses etc

When - Starts Mid May, like Now all the way to august! I will say, the timeline is super unique in that it is super long.

Why- Google is always looking to improve the overall web and its search, so this update will become a factor NO MATTER YOUR WEBSITE for traffic and rankings

Where - Google search console - set it up
On the left, click on page experience - new section
core web vitals - URLS marked as poor - fix right away, needs improvement, check them out second
mobile usability - fix em as well!

How - Most of us will need developers to fix these things, which is fine! Now you know how to be proactive so you can "get ahead" of this new update, and not get penalized!

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