How to get started with Ecommerce, Ecomm for dummies, Ecommerce for beginners in Under 2 Minutes!

Uncategorized May 28, 2020

Are You Searching for help getting started with E-commerce? 


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In this Video I try to Answer in under two minutes!

I did some research, and a lot of people are searching for this kind of ecomm help!

I have Good news and bad news for ya, there is no free lunch!!

I have noticed a lot of teachers online promoting get rich quick schemes, drop shipping, amazon, etc.

E-commerce takes blood sweat and tears, and even further, time and money, any way you slice it!!!

However, it is doable, if you are willing to put int the work!

How do you get started?

Are you the type of person for this? Hard work, persistent, stick to it ness?

Its all about Business 101 - Finding a need in an audience and filling it - Find your product and audience first!


  • Build a website (link below)
  • Start ungating process on Amazon
  • Learn Marketing

Here is a link to how you can get started for free- building a store -

Here is a link to how you can get started learning marketing and selling products right away for $97 a month =

We walk you hand in hand through the process!!!! Wondering if you are right for ecommerce or not? A good test - If you are not able to set up a store on your own (they make it easy) you might not be right for ecommerce.

Hope this helps!


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