How much do I charge customers for shipping in my E-commerce Store?

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

This video answers this in under two minutes! Or you can read below:

A little history, I was the first in the beauty industry around 15 years ago to offer free shipping all orders no minimums, and it worked beautifully!

So that is the short answer - Free shipping all orders will always convert higher, and in most cases will provide LARGER average order sizes, so cool!

Here is the key: Make sure its at the top of all pages, especially mobile view!!!

What if you don't have the margins to do this? DON'T worry, there is hope.

Once our store got a little bigger, we spent a lot of money to set up a really complicated and detailed split test on our cart page- free ship all orders vs minimum purchase of $35 to get free shipping.

We ended up converting higher and a higher AOS with the $35 set up!!!

I think its because people are getting more used to paying a small shipping fee, as time goes on, amazon gets bigger, and shipping fees get more expensive.

If you are charging customers for shipping, keep your shipping fees small! Be ok with eating a little cost to keep your conversion high!

Here is a good rule of thumb, smaller boutique websites, try free shipping all orders to get started!

As you grow, try charging, starting with order sizes of $35 and up. Thanks so much for watching and reading.
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