Is it possible to be successful in ecommerce without amazon? What is the best way to do ecommerce without amazon?...

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2020

This week Wal mart announced a new partnership with shopify, which means they might just start competing with them soon.

However, These days Amazon is generally dominating the e-comm space. Amazon in the USA in general takes up 50% of all online transactions, and growing!

Even though Amazon has around 50% of the USA under their wing, that also means that 50% is NOT!

Also, companies such as target and shopify are introducing new versions of their companies that are direct competitors

How do you thrive without being on Amazon?

  • Answer the phone, and encourage phone calls
  • Try Live Video Chat
  • Have free same day local delivery
  • If you are a brand, make sure your product is NOT available on amazon, control you distribution
  • Make sure you shipping times and fees are competitive
  • Design and UX to impress on your website, Amazon is a little too "shoppy" for some people

Yes, it is possible, and check out the E-comm help club to learn more!


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