Ecommerce Site Search: They It's the most underrated way to Increase Your Conversions, and 10 ways you can make yours awesome-

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Site Search Stats

  • Shoppers using the site search generate 30-60% of total e-commerce site revenues. 

  • Site searches are at least Twice more likely to convert and make a purchase. 

  • 8 out of 10 shoppers go straight to a competitor if they don't find relevant search results.

Meanwhile, 42% of online stores don't even have a single person working on-site search as part of a wider strategy.

Answer in under two minutes!

  • Hi Jared Mitchell, most common FAQs
  • Head of E-commerce for Neil Patel
  • Generated over 50 million dollars in physical product sales on my own websites over the last 15 years, not including amazon.

First let me ask you!

  • Why are you increasing your search budgets if you are not properly converting the visitors you have? 
  • The measure of success for any e-commerce site is converting visitors into customers.
  • Many e-commerce companies do this through paid search or seo, right?.
  • While most small businesses spend up to $20,000 on website SEO every month, there's one aspect that goes unnoticed. 
  • Site Search can make or break an eCommerce store's revenues and conversions.

What is site search? Simple, that little box at the top of each website that lets you find specific products, if its working correctly.

How Site Search Helps? 

  • Executed properly Site search lets shoppers reach their desired products fast
  • Site search delivers a seamless user experience and drives revenues. 

Additional Benefits

  • Site Search Analytics can help you collect data points to identify the best and worst-performing products. 
  • It helps you understand which searches generate accurate results and which don't. 
  • You can add new products or get rid of redundant ones based on visitor search. 
  • Run a report once a month of what is searched for and not found by using an enabled site search section in google analytics to see what products you should carry that you are not

So while site-searching is generally an overlooked aspect of your online business, it can clearly give you a competitive advantage over others.

How Do You Make Your Site-Search better?

  1. First and Foremost, Make your Search Box Visible to the visitors, front and center
  2. Mobile first
  3. Consider upgrading your site search technology beyond the default 
  4. Make sure that every search returns a result
  5. What does your incomplete results page look like? Deck out your incomplete results page, starting with dynamic product recommendations and most popular products, along with an email sign up for a discount
  6. Display search results based on Shopper data, i.e, display products that do well on top
  7. Add auto-complete and search filter functionalities
  8. Allow for Autocorrect and Display closest results for errors
  9. Regularly test top searched terms and make sure results are relevant
  10. Image is everything, make sure it looks really good and not jenky
  11. Bonus - allow people to add products to cart from within the search results window

Again, 42% of online stores don't even have a single person working on-site search as part of a wider strategy.

Make sure you start optimizing your site search today to deliver a great shopping experience and generate greater revenues in return. 

With just a few simple steps you can improve conversions on your e-commerce website. 

As always, please remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and give me a thumbs up, like, comment, and if you have questions, post in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them!

Make better business decisions with Insights about your users' needs

A good site search service can provide valuable information to what your visitors want, and how their interactions with your site. In this data you will produce data analytics reports that give you and your colleagues the confidence you need for making decisions based upon data. If your products do not currently make any search results compared to others for shopper search, add it to your stock to give an assured supply that you will sell it. How do I introduce a product? Don't start me off by saying it is useful knowledge for PPC campaigns but imagine your targeted message would be. Who would have guessed website searches would have found a way to find out all?


Simple integration for faster time to market

For a more flexible business solution a quick solutions are more effective and cost efficient. A lot of search engine-side and other eCommerce sites have integrations with Shopify Woocommerce or Magento. You should still choose providers that can demonstrate the effectiveness of its equipment in very short period of time. The better you plan to optimize your search algorithm for your site the higher your income in the process. Still, you should choose providers with a short time to be able to confirm that the program works within one month. There are alternative solutions for complicated integrations but these can only be used if your shop already contains many products.

How do I optimize my e-commerce site search engine?

Web search is an invaluable financial tool that will enable driving sales conversions and creating positive user experiences. When you analyze and follow e-Commerce site searching best practice you'll turn your search into a competitive edge. The Site Search features of banner promotional products suggested items and filters and facets drive content discovery. Although less than 10% of the user s research performs this activity account for approximately 40% of the entire business. Site search also provides the user with smart autocomplete suggestions as well as a powerful UI.


What is modern ecommerce search?

It showed that 8 percent of Internet users exited sites because it didn't provide useful navigation, relevant reports or clear product information. Modern eCommerce search goes beyond the Searchbox and should incorporate navigations intelligent autocomplete suggested, customized stemming algorithms and advanced analytics. There was not enough integration of Search engine: once you stopped improving it the results - and then the quality fell. It's not an ended list; we could get further to that. Even more great features and technologies are the initial part of a modern search solution and you must constantly develop that if you want to see an acceleration of your results.


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