How Can A Business Prepare Their Online Stores For An Increase In Holiday Shoppers? 7 Tips for success!

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2020

Here is what we will be covering in the video!

  1. Christmas Party in July
  2. Pre-Game For Site Outages?
  3. Preparing Your Tech Stack and Software Infrastructure, Site Speed
  4. Meet With Your Team about Site Uptime Monitoring an Risk Management Security
  5. Hardwire your team’s internet, upgrade your internet speed, Get your gear in check!
  6. Decorate your website like you decorate your house
  7. The 4 main types of overlooked upsells

Lets Get Started!

  1. With our very first holiday season in the era of Covid-19 right around the corner, how can businesses prepare their online stores for the increase in virtual shoppers?
  • First things first, lets make sure our website does not go down on the most important weekend of the year, or even the most important shopping season of the year right?
  • No Matter Your Business, get in touch with your host or shopping cart provider and ask the tough questions
  • How can we OVERLY prepare for an influx in traffic
  • What are ALL of my options?
  • Most hosts allow overflow, but sometimes you have to ask them to turn it on
  1. What’s the importance of a tech infrastructure going into this year’s holiday season?
  • The importance is everything
  • The largest ecommerce business went down for about an hour and lost up to 100 million in sales
  • In addition to beefing up your hosting
  • One thing that is usually overlooked when we are audting ecommerce businesses is site speed, especially for mobile users
  • lets beef up your page load times and site speed as much as possible
  • Reduce image sizes is usually the #1 problem that needs fixing
  1. Many enterprises need to reassess whether their ecommerce platforms can handle the busiest time of the year. How can leaders ensure that their infrastructure is reliable?
  • It’s a tough question to answer because infrastructures can vary quite a bit from business to business
  • Have to put some measures into place!
  • Black Friday Cyber Monday, make sure someone is online and watching the site uptime at all times
  • First of all preventative maintenance is routine for your data and equipment and even software
  • Security, lets Establish extra risk management processes and prioritize efforts to critical infrastructures right?
  • Meet with your team and spell these things out
  • Create a What if Meltdown Occurs Plan
  • Have a backup plan
  1. Empowering remote workers during the busy season will also help businesses thrive. What tools should workers have in place for when demand surges?
  • Time to get rid of old junky laptops
  • Buy your workers upgraded internet speeds
  • Make sure they hardwire in
  1. What are some ways to improve the checkout experience and/or pickup experience?
  • We decorate our houses, lets decorate our website, but don’t lose focus
  • Checkout 4 ways to upsell cross sell and downsell
  • Pre purchase order bump, cart page bump, post purchase one click upsells, and thank you page offers
  • Pickup experience – add a free gift if they are willing to take the time to drive out!
  1. What's the benefit of adding essential items like masks or hand sanitizer into your product lists
  • Depends on your county and state, but for some businesses this was the difference between a full shutdown an staying afloat
  • Here in southern California ecommerce and brick and mortar businesses that were in personal care were allowed to remain open
  • Shows customers you care and you are relevant with the times

Thanks so much for watching!!!


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