Which Types of Ecommerce Stores are allowed to be open during Quarantine, Covid-19, Coronavirus?

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2020

Answered in under two minutes, in this short video I discuss what types of business are allowed to be open and recession proof!

First I must say, you HAVE to check with your city, county, and state first.

A quick google search: what type of businesses are allowed to be open in California.

Remember, things can change week over week during a lock down or quarantine, so check often, and really don't trust what you read on social media, yikes!

We quickly found out that we are allowed to stay open according to our state, city, and county laws because we make personal care products such as hand sanitizers, etc. 

What types of Ecomm stores are recession proof? Which ecommerce stores are considered essential?

Also of course anything essential like grocery stores, hospitals, and more

So the bigger question, how do you make sure you are in a quarantine proof, or even better, a recession proof business moving forward?

First of all, many of you might already be there, first you need to check. Second of all, can you shift your business to make it essential? For example, if you are beauty professional, but you don't have your own brand of products, perhaps its time to start one, and create a website!

We can help with that, just check out my website!


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