"An Expert in Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Strategy, Jared Mitchell is the Founder of Beefysites, a company that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their e-commerce businesses."


"Jared and Alana have been instrumental in the online presence, growth and sales with Image Skincare and Hush & Hush. They have been wonderful partners and always bring innovative concepts and ideas with a unique digital marketing spin."

Janna Ronert
Image Skincare

"Jared and Alana are incredibly hard workers and I am continually impressed with his unique approach to e-commerce sales funnels. I have seen him take clients from zero to hero consistently from vertical to vertical. Best of all, he is a nice guy, and fun to work with"

Neil Patel

"With regards to digital marketing, Jared and Alana are my go to guy for questions, resources, and for when I need someone to fix up shop and get sales going in the right direction. His integrity and character are second to none"

Greg Hawkins

"Jared is the ultimate digital marketing secret weapon. It's rare to find someone with his depth of skill across literally every area of turning pixels to profit, and even rarer still is he's a boatload of fun to work with...even more impressive is his focus on ROI and business impact rather than theoretical best practices or the trend du jour. If you want results, and Jared is available (which is rare), get him"

Jonathan Cronstedt

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Come in, take your shoes off, lets get to know each other a little more....

Over the last 13 years Alana and I have SO many people ask us "How Did you Do That With Your Business?" This question is what motivated Jared to start his consulting business roughly 6 years ago. Throughout the last several years of working for Neil Patel, Jared noticed the power of digital courses, and their ability to empower consulting at a scale-able level to the masses.

This is when we decided to build a coaching program and digital courses of our own. But how to start? We decided to teach you EXACTLY what we would do, if we could start all over again. Our products are ALL passion projects. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into all of the courses and videos we create, and the goal is for you to learn from our mistakes.

Our courses and coaching programs are not just for beauty professionals or estheticians, they are for ANY type of small business owner including restaurants, bars, gyms, chiropractors, massage, and more. Thanks for reading, and click below to learn more.

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My goal is to help 100 Small Businesses Double their yearly revenue!

If you were making 2x the money you are right now, what would that mean for your future? My goal is not to profit much from the course, but rather, to charge a fair price for a beauty professional.

5 Things Beauty Professionals Can Do RIGHT NOW to Make More Money - FREE EBOOK

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5 FREE Digital Marketing Tactics You Can Do Right Now To Start Getting More Clients Right Away!

From Over 15 Years Digital Marketing Experience In Beauty

Check out this FREE live video course, and get to know Jared and Alana a little more! In this video we will teach you:

  1. Why Google My Business is the most Underutilized FREE marketing tool for any beauty business!
  2. FOUR MORE crazy free hacks, a couple work almost instantaneously!
  3. Two private special offers for you if you complete the webinar!

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